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Hey, come on in and look around. Let me share a little bit about WHO we serve. Does any of this sound familiar?


  • As a busy business owner, community leader, executive or visionary, have you ever wanted to provide some supplemental "umph" to extend your message, vision, or purpose?
  • Or wished there was a way to help those you serve or manage, remember, reference, and reflect on key concepts, mantras, or simply letting people know that they are more than a number?
  • Are you looking for ways to recognize stellar performance, milestones, or accomplishments that go beyond an email, certificate, or a team meeting shout-out?
  • You are super smart, but this is not your area of expertise, and you are not quite sure HOW to go about this. You are not sure where to begin, not sure what is possible, and more importantly, don't have enough minutes in the day to dedicate to this.
  • You think about your "people," which is your team, clients, or constituents, when "off" the clock but need some creative fuel to translate your sentiments into something tangible.

(Side note, am I the only one that silently yells at my device screen?)



The My Epic Promotions team will help you curate meaningful ways to INVEST and CONNECT with YOUR PEOPLE through a creative campaign leveraging branded promotional products/business gifts.


So, let's connect with you to hear what you've got going on, provide customized, relevant experiential recommendations that will have YOUR people saying things like:

  • Awww, OMG, thank you!
  • This was so thoughtful and unexpected. I love it! Hey, look what they gave me!
  • Wow, I feel so special. They remembered me.
  • Hey, this is a cool way to remember the XYZ.
  • I feel so welcome. I will be back for another visit.
  • Ooh this is NIIIICE! They really invested in me.
  • Oh, ok, ok. Let me give them a call today.
  • I'm so glad I am connected to XYZ. They really know how to meet me where I am.


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